Tips To Help You Stay Healthy During The Holidays

Keeping up your health can be a year round job, but it seems to be especially difficult during the holidays. The holiday season is a perfect time for spending time with family and friends. It is a time where everyone can just talk, enjoy and have fun. Aside from that, the holiday season can also be a time for sleeping and eating and before the season ends you have already gained more weight. And instead of going back to work feeling refreshed, you end up feeling obese and more depressed. Stay healthy on holiday by following these steps.

1. Eating right is the first step to keeping up your immune system. It is important that your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs to stay strong. Without a strong immune system your body will have a hard time fighting disease. Eating whole foods is a great way to do so. Be sure to keep your kitchen stocked with healthy foods. Eat only limited portions of fattening food, and top off your meals with a salad or some fruit. These high-nutrient foods will keep you feeling full for longer. Besides, do you really want to deal with all that heartburn after pigging out?

2. Getting a full nights sleep is crucial to staying healthy during the holidays. Keeping yourself well rested can help immensely in fighting disease. Everyone is different and needs a different amount of sleep. On average most adults should get 8 hours of sleep or more every night.

3. Staying well hydrated is also an important factor in staying healthy. Most people don’t think it is asstay-healthy crucial to drink a lot of water during the holiday . It may not be as hot outside but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still be getting the required amount of water that we need everyday. Drinking water helps to flush out the bacteria in our system and keeps us energized.

4. Keep exercising. Sure, we all get busy during the holidays — everybody’s in a hurry at the office, and we’re often busy decorating the home and visiting the folks. Don’t stop exercising — if you can’t go to the gym, jog around the neighborhood after dinner. As long as you get your heart pumping and break a sweat for at least 30 minutes a day, you’ll do fine.

5. Make your vacation a sporty or adventurous one. Everyone loves traveling during the holidays, but you can do yourself a favor by making it a more active vacation. Go skiing, cross-country, hiking, or camping. It’s fun, it helps you stay healthy on holiday, and it strengthens family ties, as well.

Following these simple steps and doing a few other things, such as washing your hands frequently, will aide you in staying bacteria-free. Stay healthy on holiday. Don’t let disease ruin your holidays.

Travel Quiz on British Landmarks

A travel quiz used to test people’s knowledge of British landmarks & National treasures had striking results. This is because up to half of the participants got wrong answers. This was majorly drawn from the responses of various participants who found it difficult to trace the various landmarks on the map. This fact cut across some residents of the country as they became baffled when it came to pinpoint the whereabouts of the British landmarks on the map.british-landmarks

The great British landmarks used in the quiz were the ones which are well known by most probably all residents of the country. These famous places include Loch Ness, Stonehenge, Yorkshire Dales, the Trossachs and Loch Lomond. They may be greatly heard of by many residents but locating them on the map proved to be a major issue. This is the reason why Holiday Cottages, a rental company, recently decided to test the people’s knowledge of how well they knew these British landmarks.

It is quite encouraging that some good percentage of the people could locate the Trossachs and Loch Lomond correctly on the map. 75 percent of the people also managed to pinpoint Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh. About 56 percent of the people managed to guess the location of York Minister correctly yet 52 percent of the people could not place the Yorkshire Dales on the map.

In conclusion, testing one’s knowledge of UK geography is not meant to embarrass people if they get wrong answers. This quiz helps in raising an individual’s interest and curiosity in trying to figure out the exact location of these landmarks. This will enable the UK residents to appreciate the beautiful features in their country. This will not only be on the basis of knowing their physical appearance or hearing about them but also knowing their exact location on the map.

Paddle Boarding Beginners Guide

In this article we will look at how to get started in the fastest growing water sport around: Paddle Boarding. For paddle boarding beginners guide make sure to click the link.

A paddle board looks just like a big surf board but it has developed differently over time. A Paddle
board is lighter and often made of different material than a standard surf
board. When you are ready to get started Paddle Boarding you will need to find
your Local Paddle Board Equipment rental shop. The type of board that you will
need is dependant on your height and weight. So, you would not want to buy
equipment right off the bat because you could get the wrong fit. After you have
tried out what the experts at the Paddle Board Equipment store recommend, then
you can start to customize. For instance, if you are having trouble maintaining
your balance on the standard model for your size, then you may want to get a
longer board than is customary.sup-yoga

Take your board and paddle out to the nearest lake to start with. The nice
thing about paddle boards is that you do not need rushing water to have fun.
So, in the beginning it is easier to learn the movements on a stationary body
of water. At first you will fall in repeatedly, don’t feel bad, it’s half the
fun. You will eventually get your balance but stay near the shore at first. In
the beginning many people will not even bring a paddle with them. Instead of
standing they will lay on the board like a surfer would when waiting on a wave.
Then you can essentially dog paddle the board around to get a feel for it and
its specific quirks.

When you are ready to stand up on your board go into waist deep water. Lay the
paddle horizontally across the board and pull your self up onto it from the
rear, like a cowboy would mount his horse in an old western. Once you are
straddling the board, slowly maneuver yourself until you are on your knees
slightly back from the center of the board. Once you have your balance, grab
your paddle and pop to your feet. Then place your feet exactly where your knees
were except shoulder length apart. This will take practice so make sure that
you do not hit the board when you keep falling off. Now, keep your eyes on the
horizon and paddle around at a leisurely pace. It is a great way to see the
sights and get a little exercise along the way.

To learn more about the sport, check out local paddle boarding events. In most
coastal communities there will be several annual races. Attending these races
will allow you to watch advance paddlers. Watch their techniques and how thy
stroke the water. This will allow one to increase their understanding of the
sport. Try imitating a few of their moves. With time and training you may find
yourself competing in these races as well.

I’m unbalanced!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been guilty of not following my own advice and it subsequently led to a stressful and overwhelming couple of months. It started with the best intentions – I have a lot of exciting goals I want to accomplish in both my personal and professional life, and I’ve been working diligently to make them a reality.
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I’m OK

Outside, in the light of the Easter Sunday dawn, I decide to take a walk along the Truckee River. Strolling through the flocks of geese that frequent the riverside park and dive in the roiling waters, stepping gingerly around their guano, I reflect on the scene in the hotel. A fiasco!
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Write with your eyes closed

Writing with my eyes closed, sounds come to the forefront. The motor of my antique PowerBook. My pulse causing my ears to scrape against pillow. Clatter of typing. Writing lying down I feel like Colette except I have a few advantages over her. I can write really lying down, not just propped up in bed among an orgy of pillows. I can write with my eyes closed without worrying about writing off the page onto the sheets. And yet somehow I can’t bring myself to feel superior to Colette. Will keep trying.
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Positivity book I checked recently on Amazon

[Post updated , 26/09/2016]

So my recent post on self control featured Oskar Nowik from Growthzer and I went through a few of his articles. He wrote a positivity book that I’d like to discuss here.  It’s named Brightening and it’s a short but interesting read.

Personally, I like to think positive about every aspect of my life but it’s not always easy. Sometimes, your brain is just negative and you can’t help but see things in a bad way. In this book, I learned a few cool methods that you can use to switch your mind to the positive mode. I’ve tried different methods from various sources and not all of them are actually so simple to apply. In this case, however, they are really simple and straightforward. Even walking is discussed as one of the methods to improve the overall quality of your life. The author says that if you neglect walking, bad things happen in your life. I actually see where he’s coming from and agree with the statement.

Brightening made me look for more positivity content and I found this video, which I also recommend you to watch. 15 minutes of great content.
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Learning how to have self control in life

Some time ago I was reading articles on Medium and then found some pieces by Oskar Nowik and jumped to his recent article on how to have self control on his blog I fully agree with him that self control is a very important skill that can help us in life tremendously. Especially, when it comes to faith, self control is essential to go through hard times without giving up to urges.

Self control pays a crucial role when it comes to diet, debt, habits, business and more. It impact literally every impact of your life. Lack of self control often leads to self-destructive habits etc.
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Are drones less pro-life than a regular war?

As a pro-lifer, I read Jack Hunter’s passionate protest against drone warfare, as current waged by Barack Obama. That strategy in the war on terror was recently endorsed by Mitt Romney in the last presidential debate, guaranteeing that whatever the outcome of the election, drones are not going away. On his American Conservative blog he puts forward a simple, but powerful argument: “Pro-Life Means Anti-Drone”.
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