I’m unbalanced!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been guilty of not following my own advice and it subsequently led to a stressful and overwhelming couple of months. It started with the best intentions – I have a lot of exciting goals I want to accomplish in both my personal and professional life, and I’ve been working diligently to make them a reality.
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I’m OK

Outside, in the light of the Easter Sunday dawn, I decide to take a walk along the Truckee River. Strolling through the flocks of geese that frequent the riverside park and dive in the roiling waters, stepping gingerly around their guano, I reflect on the scene in the hotel. A fiasco!
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Write with your eyes closed

Writing with my eyes closed, sounds come to the forefront. The motor of my antique PowerBook. My pulse causing my ears to scrape against pillow. Clatter of typing. Writing lying down I feel like Colette except I have a few advantages over her. I can write really lying down, not just propped up in bed among an orgy of pillows. I can write with my eyes closed without worrying about writing off the page onto the sheets. And yet somehow I can’t bring myself to feel superior to Colette. Will keep trying.
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Learning how to have self control in life

Some time ago I was reading articles on Medium and then found some pieces by Oskar Nowik and jumped to his recent article on how to have self control on his blog Growthzer.com. I fully agree with him that self control is a very important skill that can help us in life tremendously. Especially, when it comes to faith, self control is essential to go through hard times without giving up to urges.

Self control pays a crucial role when it comes to diet, debt, habits, business and more. It impact literally every impact of your life. Lack of self control often leads to self-destructive habits etc.
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Are drones less pro-life than a regular war?

As a pro-lifer, I read Jack Hunter’s passionate protest against drone warfare, as current waged by Barack Obama. That strategy in the war on terror was recently endorsed by Mitt Romney in the last presidential debate, guaranteeing that whatever the outcome of the election, drones are not going away. On his American Conservative blog he puts forward a simple, but powerful argument: “Pro-Life Means Anti-Drone”.
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Simple routines that empower my day

Usually, I tend to start my day with a few simple routines and it has an amazing impact on my ability to feel great later during the day.

It goes like that:

Wake up

  • wash my face with cold water
  • pee

Drink a glass of water with ice

Pray and mediate for 10 minutes
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