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positivity book

So my recent post on self control¬†featured Oskar Nowik from Growthzer and I went through a few of his articles. He wrote a positivity book that I’d like to discuss here. ¬†It’s named Brightening and it’s a short but interesting read.

Personally, I like to think positive about every aspect of my life but it’s not always easy. Sometimes, your brain is just negative and you can’t help but see things in a bad way. In this book, I learned a few cool methods that you can use to switch your mind to the positive mode. I’ve tried different methods from various sources and not all of them are actually so simple to apply. In this case, however, they are really simple and straightforward. Even walking is discussed as one of the methods to improve the overall quality of your life. The author says that if you neglect walking, bad things happen in your life. I actually see where he’s coming from and agree with the statement.

Brightening made me look for more positivity content and I found this video, which I also recommend you to watch. 15 minutes of great content.

Actually, it’s not just a positivity book, it covers different aspects of self-improvement. It was a good tiny investment that helps me to improve different areas of my life.

If you’d know me personally, you’d probably buy me a book for my birthday. That’s one of my passions – reading. I read both fiction and nonfiction and I can’t really tell which one I like more. There is something special about both types.

Brightening is nonfiction yet it has different stories that the author used to visualize his points and examples. I really like to learn from stories because not only you improve yourself, but it’s a great entertainment as well. Killing two birds with one stone!

If you read this blog, I not only encourage you to read this book, but I also recommend you to start reading more and more books. They’re just life-changing. And if you don’t what to pick, just choose anything that feels most interesting. If it’s a great story -awesome – now you can recommend it to me. If not, big deal, just choose something else and move on. Books are so extremely cheap – or even free – that you can’t really justify not reading by not having enough money.

The fact is, people who make a lot of money have one thing in common and it’s reading. So if you’re poor, reading should be even more important to you!

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