14 January, 2006

For my non-Faroese friends

As a Faroese person and consequently a member of an cultural minority, I sometimes have difficulties describing the special things about our culture. One of these things is our special cuisine. In Faroe we eat many strange things, such as whale meat, half-rotten fish, sheep’s head, blood sausage, sheep’s anuses and testicles and several months old dried sheep meat called skerpikjöt. And skerpikjöt is the focus of this post. While home for Christmas, I borrowed my brother’s camera and took some pictures while eating skerpikjöt. Hope you like this visual insight into Faroese food and culture. Enjoy!

How to eat skerpikjöt

Arni at 9:55 am

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  1. The long awaited picture-guide to eating skjerpikjøt is finally here. Great work arni!

    Ein bloggur skal sjálvandi hava pláss til bædi tad heilt seriøsa, eins og tad meira skemtingarsama. Sera undirhaldandi!


    CommentbyLykil 16 January, 2006 @ 8:31 pm